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Added $5.6M from worldwide turnstiles, of which $3.9M was made at the international box office.

The current domestic cume is $580.3M with $655M offshore.

Leading overseas market the UK is at $104.8M through yesterday, followed by Germany at $74.9M, France with $58.5M, Japan at $55.7M and Australia‘s $41M.

The soft China box office has lifted to just $36.4M after adding $1.6M on Thursday.

It will drop off significantly there with today’s arrival of at the same stage of overseas play.

It had a better than estimated weekend session at $65.9M offshore versus Sunday’s $64.7M projection.

On Monday, it added $8.6M globally ($1.8M domestic/$6.8M intl).

After a lackluster performance in its China debut this past weekend, the film now counts the Middle Kingdom as the No.

6 offshore market with $31M since adding $2.4M on Monday.

It’s still a disappointing performance that is currently trailing the No. Elsewhere, business is beginning to taper off in the 5th week of play, although Japan continues to throw off solid numbers and is closing in on France as the No. The UK remains in the lead at $103.4M, followed by Germany with $73.8M, France at $57.9M, Japan as noted above and Australia with $40.1M.

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