игры на android на деньги

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Here are some tips for bringing home the bacon when you launch your i Phone or Android game.

1) If a player attempts to make a purchase a virtual item but lacks the currency required, always ask them if they would like to purchase more virtual currency. Providing too many choices will overwhelm the user and increase the likelihood that they will buy the cheapest package.

This has been proven to greatly increase monetization. 4) Small transactions are not important to free-to-play games.

2) It’s smart to price IAP bundles of virtual currency between $2.99 and $49.99. It’s actually the expensive transactions, starting at $9.99, that represent the majority of a game’s generated revenue.

In fact, 47% of the revenue earned from in-app purchases falls in the range of $9.99 to $19.99.

5) Once users obtain virtual currency, navigation between their current location and the store should be clear so they can easily make purchases.

Best practices suggest limiting navigation to one click. The more items you have, the more deeply you can monetize players.