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Optimizing Your Bubble Decisions In Poker Tournaments The bubble stage of a tournament presents the greatest opportunity for chip accumulation.

However, it also often leads to the most costly blunders in a tournament.

For the city centre or central business district (CBD), see Melbourne City Centre.

For the local government area within which the Melbourne City Centre is situated, see City of Melbourne. which comprises the broader metropolitan area, as well as being the common name for its city centre.

The metropolis is located on the large natural bay of Port Phillip and expands into the hinterlands towards the Dandenong and Macedon mountain ranges, Mornington Peninsula and Yarra Valley. Additionally, it was the host city of the 1956 Summer Olympics and the 2006 Commonwealth Games.

Melbourne rates highly in education, entertainment, health care, research and development, tourism and sport, it is the birthplace of Australian impressionism, Australian rules football, the Australian film and television industries, and Australian contemporary dance.

It is recognised as a UNESCO City of Literature and a major centre for street art, music and theatre.

It is home to many of Australia's largest and oldest cultural institutions such as the Melbourne Cricket Ground, the National Gallery of Victoria, the State Library of Victoria and the UNESCO World Heritage-listed Royal Exhibition Building.

The main passenger airport serving the metropolis and the state is Melbourne Airport (also called Tullamarine Airport), the second busiest in Australia.