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Sangria has grown in popularity in Greater Vancouver, as the Spanish influence in cuisine has spread to the spirits and beverage scene as well. It traditionally (as far as one can trace) consists of wine, chopped/diced fruit, a sweetener, and a hint of brandy.

The name alone incites pop-culture reference, with star and country music sensation Blake Shelton releasing his #1 hit single “Sangria” two years ago. However, while there is some mystery, the drink has definitive Spanish and Portuguese influence, with Spain coming as close as possible to birthing what is known to be a “real sangria”.

That’s the reason you Googled it, and came across this article, right?

The chopped/diced fruit is often a blend of orange, lemon, lime, apple, peach, melon, berries, and grape, although in tropical arenas pineapple and mango also make an appearance.

Spanish influence is often found in Mexican cuisine (and beverages), which is why it is not uncommon (if not expected) to find sangria at the top of many Mexican restaurant cocktail menus.

But as with many cross-cultural foods and beverages, Mexican influence must be exerted.

When it comes to the sangria, we like to think we most certainly improved upon an already beautiful libation.