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Web Money is an e Wallet payment solution that has been functioning out of Moscow since 1988.

Although it is mainly used by and targeted for Russian and Eastern European citizens, Web Money is now used globally by 30 million people and accepts Webmoney online casino transfers in different currencies from around the world.

Web Money is a payment solution that originally was directed only towards customers from Russia and from the countries that belonged to the former Soviet Union (CIS).

Nowadays the online payment method is also available in many other countries around the world, accepted by thousands of web shops and online service providers and allegedly has over 25 million registered users.

Read all you need to know about the Web Money online banking option in below review.

Website: of payment: E-wallet Web Money, founded in 1998 and owned by the Russian company WM Transfer Ltd.

Is basically an online ‘settlement environment’, a platform, from which registered Web Money users can make online payments, send and receive money, exchange currencies, get loans, raise funds, manage funds and carry out many other financial online transactions.

The system also issues Web Money virtual and plastic VISA and Master Card debit cards (WM Card) and a Web Money ‘purse’ (e-wallet) that can be uploaded with funds and equally can be used to ‘settle’ online payments.

For the purpose of this review (and as it probably is the most used product of Web Money in online casinos) we´ll explain the use of the Web Money e-wallet.

Anyone who wants to use Web Money payment method needs to sign up for the system which is done in a matter of minutes and only requires providing some basic personal information, concluding a verification check of the provided e-mail and mobile phone number, choosing a password, a currency for the purse (which can be Euros, Dollars, Russian Rubles, Ukrainian Hryvnia and Belarusian Rubles).

Subsequently the customer receives a 12-digit Web Money Identification number (WMID, or ‘Identifier’) that’s linked to the purse and which is used (in combination with the chosen password of course) to login to the various features of the system.

Also the provided e-mail address and the mobile phone number can be used as the user’s login ID.